Creation of industrial and recycled lamps.


Cameraman globe-trotter for years, insatiable observer of the world, I created MONSIEUR FABRIQUE to mix my passion of the lights and my desire of artisanal creation around the found objects, imagined and tinkered.


MONSIEUR FABRIQUE, are industrial-style or recycled lamps, or both, depending on the inspiration, the moment, the desire ...

Imagined, shaped, created, with raw materials of everyday life, like plumbing pipes or waste materials, they are all realized in a traditional way, at home ...

Each piece requires time, patience and precision ... because each piece is different, special, unique.

Lampe Nicolas Tesla de Monsieur Fabrique
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It all starts with an idea, an image, a flash, a desire.

Then come an eraser and a pencil, which then give birth to sketches, drawings ... The lamp takes shape.


Then comes the time of creation, manufacture and assembly. The alliance of metal, raw and cold, solid wood, noble and warm.

Finally, there are pipes, plumbing elbows, manometers, handwheel valves in brass, solid oak beams ...

And it is from all these fusions and all these assembling that MONSIEUR FABRIQUE's lamps are born.

Each lamp of MONSIEUR FABRIQUE has its own story.

Ampoule Filament de Monsieur Fabrique


MONSIEUR FABRIQUE's lamps are sold without bulbs.

Whatever your taste is, you can choose the decorative bulb that will highlight your lamp. Vintage bulb, straight filament, cross or spiral, round, elongated or excentric, it's up to you.


However, if you wish, MONSIEUR FABRIQUE can provide you with a decorative bulb for your lamp ( extra fee ).

Monsieur Fabrique can also give life to your own creation. He will make the lamp according to your sketches and your desires, do not hesitate to ask.

Each lamp is designed at the time of the order, a small time of manufacturing is to be envisaged.

Delivery is free in Paris.

For the rest of EU and Swiss: Shipping costs.

For worlwide ask me to refine the price of delivery


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